Sesshin at Mount Carmel

Hosted by Zendo West

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Here you will find important information about sesshin hosted by Zendo West and held at the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls Ontario. All members of Toronto Zendo sanghas of SanbĂ´ Zen are welcome to attend. You will find more information below. Please direct all questions and concerns about sesshin to Nenates. If you would like to get on the Sesshin Invitation Email List, please email Nenates and ask her to add you. For questions about, or suggestions for this webpage, please contact Stan. Thank you.

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Sesshin 2019


Place: Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre, 7020 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls

Please let Nenates know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending. Our fees* are the usual: $135. per day + $25. for miscellaneous expenses. The miscellaneous fees are the same for full time or part-time. Fees for full time participation is equal to $700.00 CAN.

*Fees may change and will be clarified in your invitation email.

** New dates - changed from ending Dec 14

More details about attending sesshin at Mount Carmel below...

(Note for future date: Kenshukai - August 5 to 13, 2023)

Detailed Sesshin Information

Who may Attend
Open to all members of the Toronto Zendo community.

Registering and Payment Information
Registration with Nenates is required. More information, and payment details can be found here.

Arrival and Departure
For detailed explaination, please click here.

Your Time Here
Rooms are all private with their own baths, and are supplied with linens, towels, kleenex and small soap packets. Mass services at neighbouring Our Lady of Peace is held on Saturday at 4:00pm and on Sunday at 10:00am.

Meals will be strictly vegetarian. Special dietary Restrictions will be accomodated, if possible...

Once registered with Nenates, if you have any special dietary requirements please communicate them to Joyce Nero of Mount Carmel Retreat Centre as soon as possible:

Joyce Nero, Reservations Office
Phone: 905-356-4113 ext 4200

All mealtimes are of 45-minute duration starting exactly at 8:00am, 12:00noon, and 5:30pm.

Where we Eat (Unless Announced Otherwise)
With the exception of the first and last meals, all meals for will be served in the privacy of the Lower Dining Room on the Basement Level. The first meal (dinner just before sesshin begins) and the last meal (lunch just after sesshin ends) will be served in the more public Main Dinning Hall on the 1st floor, where in both cases we will enjoy conversation.

What to Bring
We will have a zabuton for you, and should be able to let you use one zafu, however we request that you please bring your own zafu, if you are able, especially if you feel you may need an extra zafu at any time during the sesshin. We do not have any benches for participants, however we are able to supply chairs and small stools.
You will need an alarm clock for waking-up, and while not required, you may want to bring your own cup or mug for tea/coffee as the cups available during tea breaks are styrofoam.

Maps, Guidelines, Booklets, Floor Plans, and Other Helpful Information

Sesshin Sutra Booklet - a printed copy will be provided (Please do not take home)

Walk to Niagara Falls - Directions and Maps

Mount Carmel Floor Plans

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre Guest Information Booklet

Sesshin Guidelines

Formal Procedure for Having Dokusan with the Roshi

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