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Last Update - April 2, 2019
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Sesshin to add to the web page
The following were added or changed on April 2, 2019

1. 2023 - Aug 5 to 13. Is it possible for a few participants to come in a day before and/or stay a day after the event?
2. Sept 10 to 15 for 10 participants 2019
3. Dec 6 to 13 (instead of 14) 2019

Places where I need to add new dates, remove old dates, or make changes:

- In the weekly reminders

- on calendar

- on 'Zendo West Calendar for Zazankai and Sesshin'

- if zazenkai, then on 'Zazenkai at St. Pius, hosted by Zendo West'

- on 'Sesshin at Mount Carmel'

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