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Last Update - May 12, 2019
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- Help with Virtual Sitting
- Muting
- Muting Screenshots
- Virtual Jiki
- The Four Great Vows

Help with Virtual Sitting

If you haven't messaged Monarch to be added to the "Zendo West Sitting" Viber group, please do so now. Sign in/out any time, no need to turn on your microphone or camera. If you are having trouble, send Monarch an SMS (text message) even during the sit and Monarch will try to help.


If you turn your microphone on (unmute / muting off), to say hello at the beginning, or to ask for help at the start, please remember to turn your microphone off again (mute / muting on), so your are muted throughout the sit, so no one hears you. If you are Jiki, you can mute yourself too, when you are not ringing bells. You can switch your microphone on (unmute / muting off) to say hello at the beginning and at the end when we chant together - this is fine. Thank you!

I have provided below two screenshots of my phone's screen to show what your phone might look like when the microphone is muted (muting on) and the speaker is on. This is how you should have your muting and speaker set while you sit (or you might want your speaker off too). I hope this helps.

muting_on_1_blur muting_on_2
Set your phone like this for sitting please. The speaker is on and the mic is muted.

Virtual Jiki

If you are Jiki, a few minutes before 5:30 you will initiate a call to the group . Give people a chance to say hello and check their muting is working, etc.

Just before you begin the first sit, give people a warning. Clap two sticks if you have them, and then ring your bell, just like at St. Pius, for the start of a sit. Then mute your mic while you sit.

Continue for 4 sits, giving time for a 5-minute kinhin between sits.

Remember to unmute when you sound the clappers and bells.

Remember to mute while you sit and do kinhin.

At the end, all will unmute and we say the Four Great Vows together.

Thank the group, say goodnight and hang-up.

(And, Thank you!)

The Four Great Vows


And now, let us recite the Four Great Aspirations.


Creations are innumerable,
I resolve to free them all.

Delusions are inexhaustible,
I resolve to extinguish them all.

The aspects of truth are countless,
I resolve to learn and master them all.

The way of enlightenment is peerless,
I resolve to accomplish it.

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